Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like Like Love

These are the boards and some quick concepty sketches for a little idea i've had for awhile. I like simple, emotional stories like this i guess, and it seems usable for a portfolio, although i'm wondering if perhaps I should do more concept/color work with it since the boards themselves span two pages with a lot of spare room on the second page..

The little girl needs a serious redesign, the animals look cool enough but shes like BLEH gatorgirl. haha. Shes supposed to be a dancer, although I think i'd like her to be one of those kids who wears the same costume for days at a time, maybe she thinks shes a princess or fairy instead, which might be cuter if she considers herself the queen over her loyal animal friends.

Revisiting with the hopes of establishing an old doodle into a character, some slave chick who thinks shes all that and partially a witch or something, iunno. I need practice designing characters beyond just one image of them, because i suck at it D:

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  1. If you ever do manage to do this animation I would be immensely happy to see it! What you've posted so far is lovely.