Monday, February 27, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like Like Love

These are the boards and some quick concepty sketches for a little idea i've had for awhile. I like simple, emotional stories like this i guess, and it seems usable for a portfolio, although i'm wondering if perhaps I should do more concept/color work with it since the boards themselves span two pages with a lot of spare room on the second page..

The little girl needs a serious redesign, the animals look cool enough but shes like BLEH gatorgirl. haha. Shes supposed to be a dancer, although I think i'd like her to be one of those kids who wears the same costume for days at a time, maybe she thinks shes a princess or fairy instead, which might be cuter if she considers herself the queen over her loyal animal friends.

Revisiting with the hopes of establishing an old doodle into a character, some slave chick who thinks shes all that and partially a witch or something, iunno. I need practice designing characters beyond just one image of them, because i suck at it D:

D: Arg. Portfolio help?

IM SO BAD> need to kickstart shantyland AGAIN XD

Heress recent random doodles:

Okay. and then these sketches, all old i think, BUT trying to figure out what to fix up/put in portfolio D:

I've decided to go ahead and try for Nick and CN as well, so i'm trying to figure out how I can get some derpier stuff in there without spending too much time doing it. I think its about time i pull out some dog art :0

AND, im making a storyboard version of my portfolio as well, which basically just needs to be put together so far since i've got enough examples for me to be satisfied with.

If you're from CCS/Michigan and reading this... I miss you.