Monday, November 28, 2011

Alternate Zelda Universe

Where boys have horns and the boar guys are still ugly. You'd think i'd been playing Wind Waker lately or something! The design of that game really grew on me <3

I've been trying to get portfolio worthy doodles out of sketch a day, but I've realized that none of these are really up to par, and would definitely take redesigning, maybe some color and clean up, and a lot of redrawing to really count as something, but thats okay, such is the art process, something I should embrace anyways!

Yesterdays doodle after watching Lilo and Stitch, but no where near as chris sandersey as I would like. Next time, though!


  1. i think i should comment on your stuff. :D

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  3. Holy tits in Heaven.
    You wouldn't believe how I stumbled on this blog of yours. x.x
    Ok, I'm sure the suspense is killing you.

    Was on Furaffinity for one reason or another. >.>
    Through various artists, I found a picture dedicated to Gator Dog.
    I vaguely remember you showing me a picture of this critter, in passing, at the apartment.
    Long story short, followed the crumbs and lo and behold, it *is* you.

    Thought I should share that. :DD
    Also, fantastic artwork by the way.
    I can see why there's so much art dedicated to you. ^_^

    ( I'm a dumb fuck. I deleted it. I also noticed that you may not know who this is. It's Amanda. c: Also, happy holidays! )