Saturday, October 15, 2011

Subcats sink ships

Unfortunately my lack of scanner makes it hard to post the figure sketches I did today, or the watercolor painting i ended up doing last night (last night was a good art night for me) so i doodled Subcat again in the hopes to get settled back onto a design, as i'm hoping to board out my idea for a film about him, as well as Scarfy!

I think people assumed Subcat was supposed to be a female since i have a thing for main female characters, but I actually intended for him to be a male cat named Max or Maximus or something. Fun fact right there {:

Definitely nowhere near as lanky and smooth as the original was (Im pretty sure he's posted on this blog somewhere) so i'll be tweaking things later on.

And i drew this yesterday night? somewhere in limbo between the two days, for my mom of her great dane, who this actually looks nothing like, lol.

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