Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Welp, my boyfriend moved away on friday for an internship, im gonna go ahead and blame my lack of posts on my sadness over this. I did a few doodles in a sketchbook but he also took the scanner with him so you'll have to take my word on it.

And I was about to go to sleep without having done a decent sketch, when i decided it'd be fun to doodle myself. At first off the top of my head, but then with the photobooth camera on the mac when I realized it'd be silly not to utilize it at least a little.

I liked it better when I had myself drawn cuter and more disney princess-ish >_>

Kind of embarrassing to post, but everyone should do one of these at some point, me especially, what with my crummy people drawing skills.

I just watched Lilo and Stitch, nice little movie refresher before bed C: And i love those giant hips on the Hawaiian chicks!

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